Aduna Superfood Energy Bars

Snacks are a big deal! Let’s be honest, we all love a good snack. I have had my fair share of good and bad snacks over the years. At this point in my life, I am paying more attention to what I put in my mouth. Finding snacks that are healthy and tasty can be difficult. With everything being labelled ‘gluten-free’ or ‘dairy-free’, remember that does not automatically mean it is good for you. Sharing this is something I have been looking forward to.

My first time discovering Aduna was at The Allergy & Free From Show. The first thing that drew me over were the vibrant colours. The African print on the packaging is something I’d never seen before and what makes it even better is the story behind it.

Aduna means ‘life’ or ‘world’ in Wolof, the main local language of Senegal and The Gambia. Their mission is to breathe the vibrancy of Africa into the daily lives of people. What I find very inspiring about Aduna is, they support local producers in Ghana. Approximately 700 women benefit directly from the bars Aduna produce. In a continent where opportunities for women are constrained, not least, due to the gender inequality that stills exists, this is a step in the right direction. We are probably thinking the same thing- wow! Needless to say, when they sent me over some of their bars, I was very excited.

The superfood energy bars are 100% natural and no added sugar. These are ideal for anyone who loves a good treat during the day but is conscious about what they are putting in their body and wants to support a brand with purpose. The three flavours I received were Banana Boost, Berry Bite and Choc-Orange Burst.

Here are my thoughts on the 3 different flavours:

Choc-Orange Burst

Surprisingly my favourite flavour out of the 3, because I usually wouldn’t go for a chocolate and orange combination. What I usually find with this combo is that the orange is so overpowering, but this is different. Not only is the orange subtle, but the crunchy cacao pieces are also delicious. The perfect alternative to a chocolate fix!

Berry Bite

If you like strawberries, you will love this flavour. It is moist and chewy. Also smells amazing.

Banana Boost

As someone who does not really like bananas, this was my least favourite. This flavour has Baobab which is a super fruit so this was a great addition. For all banana lovers, this is a dream wrapped in one.

These bars are great for when you are on-the-go. They are a bit on the pricier side but for the type of ingredients you are getting, it is worth it. I truly believe in supporting small businesses with a purpose. I love what Aduna are doing and look forward to seeing what new flavours are created.

You can find these bars in Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods and Planet Organic.


Eat well, live and laugh

Lizzy x

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