You are what you eat

You are what you eat

Growing up, I remember we had this poster, conveniently placed on the snack cabinet that said ‘You are what you EAT’ and remember thinking what on earth. At the time, I kind of knew what it meant on the surface level but those 5 words would go on to have a massive impact on my view of food forever.

You know how you say, “I want to be married by…” or “I need to have 3 kids by…”, we all make these plans in our head but life doesn’t always go according to plan. Anyway, I’m waffling…back on the topic of diet. So my friend Lauren told me she had PCOS and I remember how hard she worked to mitigate the symptoms. She was tired of suffering from acne and hirsutism. She was very open and said the one thing that she knew would make a difference was cutting dairy of out her diet. For years she had tried and failed because it was something she loved. I caught up with her a few weeks ago over a much-needed hot chocolate (dairy-free of course and I don’t do coffee) and she looked absolutely amazing. Not that she didn’t before but she had that pregnancy glow but she wasn’t pregnant! So, of course, I asked what she had been using – side note I find it funny how we automatically assume that someone is using a new product rather than just changing their lifestyle) and it was the latter. Lauren had managed to cut dairy out of her diet completely.

She noticed a reduction in her hair cycle, less painful periods, less bloating and clearing up of her acne. I don’t want to bore you but there are so many pieces of research that in fact, dairy has no real benefit to us that we cannot receive from another source. Also, the effects of eating dairy can be detrimental to our health.

It may simply be a lifestyle choice for you or something you’re interested in exploring, whatever it is, check out cool recipes here that can make it a little easier.

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