I have always had a special place in my heart for Italian food – I mean how could you possibly say no to pizza or pasta?! One thing that became apparent to me about 3 years ago was, this is something that can only be enjoyed in the confines of my home. I looked around, no one seemed to cater for people like us – I know right!

Fast forward, a couple of years later and there are a countless number of places to choose from to satisfy your desire. I and the boyf/BAE/better-half have become real Zizzi fans and this is why.

Starters – never been much of a starter kind of girl. I just dive in for the main haha. However, they offer a wide(ish) selection from olives to prawns etc – no GF bruschetta though which is unfortunate :(.

Now for the bit that makes me happy. The bit that satisfies me – the main.
I usually go for the gluten free pizza and I make it dairy free by adding the dairy-free cheese (made from rice) or leaving it out completely (depending on the mood). I had the Pepperoni Campagna – delicious! I tend to ask for extra pepperoni because it never seems to be enough.

Desert – yum. Now confession time. One of the main reasons I love Zizzi is because of their chocolate torte desert. I kid you not and believe me when I say this, this desert will surpass any expectation you have of the “boring, tasteless and absolutely nothing to eat” mindset many people have of eating free-from food! It is very chocolatey and the sprinkled honeycomb make it that more indulgent.

Overall, Zizzi is definitely in my top 5 places to eat because they seem to have taken time to give us options. Not just any options, options that taste really good.

P.s Zizzi’s love students so be sure to take your NUS card if you have one – between 20%-30% off – I know you can thank me later 🙂 .

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